Walker Scalp Protector Thick Dab-on Scalp Protector, 1.4 ounces

Walker’s new THICK formula is a scalp protector with serious moxie! It lasts for upwards of two weeks in hot and humid environments, so start packing for that waterskiing trip you’ve been planning!

It’s tough to keep a lasting hair system bond when you’ve got oily skin. It’s even tougher if you live or work in a hot, humid environment, or have an active lifestyle. Walker’s THICK has got you covered! Your bond will stay strong no matter how sweaty you get, whatever kind of skin you’re working with. It’s even great for water sports!

That’s all pretty impressive, but Scalp Protector THICK does even more than improve your bond: Its main job is to form a barrier to protect your skin from harsh tapes and glues.

Walker’s convenient 1.4 oz dab-on bottle makes it easy to apply this beefy protector exactly where you want it.

Planning to get sweaty, but still want your bond to last for a while? Get an extra shot of protection, comfort and confidence with Walker Scalp Protector THICK!



Clean skin where tape is to be applied with rubbing alcohol. Apply SCALP PROTECTOR and let dry until it is NOT tacky to touch. Do not apply to severely irritated skin. This product is not meant to replace tape or liquid adhesive.



Isopropyl Alcohol, Methacrylate Film Former, Dimethyl Phthalate.

Scalp Protector Thick

  • Scalp Protector Thick is similar to our original Scalp Protector. It is 

    thicker and 

    longer-lasting and will extend the hold time of any tape or glue. Available in the 1.4 oz size. 


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